Our Story

Local technicians for local residents

Aurora Solar has evolved from a traditional local electrical contracting  business formerly M-Tech Electrical pty ltd to what is now a dedicated  solar and renewable energy contracting company that services the local western Sydney area .

We have taken the traditional small business family values of our first electrical business that was  established as a family owned and operated business in the local Penrith Nepean area and transferred that same  culture into our operations at Aurora Solar.  We have a strong belief and vision for renewable energy in the home and workplace and believe that the solar industry is in strong need of local trades that specialise in Solar Energy to service  this ever growing industry to a high standard.

Contract Aurora Solar to do your next job, and rest assured you're only ever going to be dealing with qualified trades people to offer you advice and service based on professional experience and quality.

Family Owned Solar Energy Services | Australia 

Quality over speed

When our business first started in the solar industry over a decade ago as a subcontractor to larger sale companies the question between installers was 'how fast you could install a certain size system?' This created a culture of poor quality and bad workmanship. Keeping this in mind, Aurora Solar take great pride in what we install on your home or workplace .

Quality  and speed are two apposing forces you can't have both and at Aurora Solar, therefore we have chosen quality .

"Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is 

  much better than two doubles".


Steve Jobs

Aurora Values

Family is a big part of our operation at Aurora Solar, we believe something has been lost in modern business practice and the way it operates, with the focus being purely on profits and unrealistically fast growth.  Many things have been forgotten about such as the sense of belonging to something special and being valued as a person whether your a customer or employee . At Aurora solar we have have set in stone our company values and responsibilities to both our employees and customers and they take priority over all else to make you feel part of the family.