Proposal & Quotation

What to expect on initial contact  to Aurora Solar.

When purchasing a solar energy system from Aurora solar you will be dealing with a company that is passionate about what we do and how we go about doing it.

From initial contact from you our valued customer, we will organise a fully trained and accredited CEC designer and installer to attend your property for a site evaluation and consultation about what we can do to get a solar system on your property.

Upon arrival we will discuss what you hope to achieve from the solar energy system ,look at your current energy usage from one of your latest electricity bills , talk about locations of panels and some of the other components required for your system. We will also go through some of our products we use and recommend. After this, we will take all that information away and use our state of the art software to give you a proposal which will include a panel layout with visualisation so you can see how they will look, Graphs showing your current energy usage versus your usage after the system will be installed.  Lastly we will  inform you of the cost of the system and payback periods showing you how much money you stand to save from having the system over different time periods.

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What to expect on day of installation

On the day of installation our fully qualified and accredited tradesman will be knocking on your door at the time we arranged and not hours later. Following that they will have a quick chat to you about what will happen throughout the day. You will  then be updated at just about every step of the installation and be a essential part of the final product .

Our tradesman have been trained on the importance of a safe and healthy working environment which means they will be taking every possible safety precaution and of course maintaining a clean working environment during and at the end of the installation.

After the installation has been completed you will be trained on what is required from you, the owner to maintain your new solar system and the operating procedures of the components we have installed.

Finally we will grab a few quick signatures and you will be ready to enjoy many years of savings on your electricity bills, and also have peace of mind knowing you're doing your part for the environment.

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Support after installation 

What support to expect from Aurora Solar after installation 

One of the key indicators of the class of the  company you have chosen to provide and install your solar system is the on going support they will provide to you over the life  of the system.

This is one of our true strengths as we have spent the past decade in the electrical industry supporting not only local residents but bigger organisations who depend on reaction times and service to keep them going to a level they are happy with.

Rest assured there will be a time that you require a question answered  whether it will be as simple as what electricity provider we recommend or a question you simply forgot to ask on the day of installation we will always answer the phone and we will always have the answers you require to keep you informed and confident for years to come.

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