Service and repair

Time for a solar health check

Aurora Solar understands that sometimes things go wrong with your solar energy system. Things like you may have noticed a red light that is showing on your inverter or perhaps the screen is blank and its showing nothing at all. This could likely be a hardware issue with the inverter or even an issue with the solar energy system itself.

You also may have just received your electricity bill for the quarter and have realized that you bill has gone up dramatically since the last one and want some answers. Sometimes its just a good idea to get the system checked to make sure everything is working as it should. Aurora solar understands the importance of keeping things working as they were intended, so we have reflected these core principles into our dedicated service department, whos sole purpose is to service you when you experience issues. Our dedicated service department carries the latest and greatest testing equipment and with a decade of experience  under our belt, we can get you  connected to the sun again in a timely manner.

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